From left: Derrick Humphries, Constance Berry Newman, Alexis Herman, Dana Randolph, and Monie Broadus

Board of Directors

Alexis M. Herman – President

Constance Berry Newman – Vice President & Treasurer

Dana G. Randolph – Secretary

Moncenya Broadus – Administrator

Derrick A. Humphries – Legal Counsel

Our Mission

Operating With Purpose

The Dorothy I. Height Foundation® is committed to serving as a springboard to disadvantaged minority students with a passion for learning. Our long-term vision is to seek successful partnerships with existing non-profit organizations, charitable organizations and educational institutions with similar goals to create and support innovative programs that will educate and empower women, youth and young adults within the United States and abroad. Efforts to raise funds to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, stipends and emergency funds are ongoing and assiduous. Additional objectives include implementing and/or supporting projects that help increase self-esteem in order to help students identify their highest potential for achieving academic and personal excellence. These areas include; but, are not limited to personal counseling, nutrition, physical exercise, health related issues, environment, family history, mentoring, tutoring and community service.

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