Dorothy I Height Educational Foundation Grant Application

PART I. Applicant Information

PART II. Check Applicable Grant Categories (Check all that apply.)

PART III. Project Details and Summary

Complete in the space provided below:

  • An overview of your project
  • Please include a list of goals
  • Include a list of objectives
  • Your expected outcome
  • How you will (a) evaluate and (b) measure your project’s success
  • An executive summary

PART IV. Proposed Budget

(Include all income and all expenses. If there are funds coming from other entities, please list the name of the organization/agency and the amount being funded. Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed for funding.)

PART V. Project Continuation

PART VII. Certification

a. I/We affirm that the jurisdiction or agency named below is the legally designated fiscal agent for this program and is authorized to receive and expend funds for the conduct of this project. We are an equal-opportunity employer.

b. I/We affirm that all matching funds listed in this application are available for use in this project.

Electronic Signature Agreement.

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