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Meet Scholarship Recipient Devin Minor

We’re proud to introduce Devin Minor, a 2023 recipient of the Dorothy Irene Height Education Foundation scholarship. We recently received a letter from him that talks about his first year at Texas A&M University. Below is what he shared about his freshman experience.

“This year has been full of growth and discovery. I began my academic journey with an interest in biomedical engineering, but through exploring various courses and opportunities, I found a greater passion for industrial engineering, which is now my declared major.

Outside of the classroom, I actively participated in Excel, an organization that supports African American students. Additionally, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and joined the Texas A&M Rugby team, a sport I had never played before. This experience was incredibly rewarding, leading to lasting friendships and a strong sense of connection to the university community. I also attended many rugby hosted events, parties, and social gathering throughout the school year which were tons of fun! The football games were amazing as you can feel the passion from thousands of students. Unfortunately we didn’t have too well of a season but attending the games was a blast!

Academically, I faced some challenges adjusting to large classes and the impersonal nature of a large institution. However, through perseverance and hard work… any many late nights at the library, I successfully completed my freshman year with a 3.0 GPA. To stay on track for graduation, I am taking summer courses.

Overall, my freshman year at Texas A&M has been an enjoyable and transformative experience. I am deeply grateful for the support of the Dorothy L. Height Education Foundation and look forward to sharing further updates on my academic progress.”