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Introducing Scholarship Recipient: Maria Sharmin

Maria Sharmin attends Temple University as a rising sophomore. She is majoring in Business Management with a minor in HR Management. She maintained a 3.7 her first year in college and made it to the Dean’s list twice.

We are very proud of her accomplishments so far and her passion for her community and giving to others which she recognized in herself through various volunteering opportunities in high school. She was a lead camp counselor, a health peer educator, co-chairman of Wilson’s Climate committee, Squad leader and Platoon leader in JROTC and even an intern at Destination D.C. and the American Experience Foundation. These organizations helped her become a leader in her community where she enjoyed giving back to nonprofit organizations.

During her freshman year at Temple, she did the same and tried her best to define her passions, despite covid-19. She became a member of the Fox Student Philanthropic Society, and learned the importance of philanthropy from fundraising. While helping raise money and support for the Fox Student Emergency Fund, she also became a member of the Event Planning Association, where she earned a leadership position as the director of Events & Industry Relations.

Currently, she is working with Bank of America as a summer intern learning more about the bank and the for-profit world, while also learning more about professionalism. These opportunities help her to see the difference between the non-profit industry and the for-profit industry.

Upon her return to school, she will be tutoring at Fight To Learn (a nonprofit). Helping students that are 5-10 years old with homework and classwork. She has learned the skills of fundraising, networking, and interpersonal communication skills this school year, which will serve her well in her future career. Her career goal is to start a nonprofit for youth, with a mission to relieve the stigma behind mental health and provide free therapy. She has expressed gratitude for these opportunities during her freshman year, which have helped her learn valuable skills that will help her learn to build a community through hard times.

We wish Maria continued success throughout her college career and beyond.