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Scholarship Recipient Update: Tori Simmons

We recently received an email from Tori with an update on her success at Northeastern University. We are proud to share this update, in her own words, highlighting her growth and success as she continues her college career.

My name is Tori Simmons, and I am a sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston, MA majoring in Bioengineering. I had a wonderful first year of college. In my first semester, I completed an intensive and fast-paced engineering class where I learned and used coding, programming, woodworking, and design skills to create a museum exhibit that teaches about sustainability. My group and I worked sleeplessly to complete our project and present it at the Museum of Science in Boston. I was in charge of the majority of the aesthetics and design and spent a total of 78.5 hours outside of class working with my group (276.5 hours total). Even with this workload, I was able to balance it with taking Calculus and Chemistry, as well as meeting new friends and adjusting to a new city. I highly enjoyed exploring Boston on the weekends! I was able to adjust to Boston for three and a half months but quickly transitioned to living in Greece during my second semester as a part of the Global Quest program at Northeastern. I took classes at the American College of Thessaloniki, and I had the amazing opportunity of living with the friends I met in my first semester and exploring Europe during my time there. I was grateful to be able to travel to beautiful cities such as Athens, Paris, London, and Milan. I was able to learn a lot about Greek culture and experience life from outside of the bubble of my hometown in College Park, MD. I will remember my first year in college forever, and I am excited to continue my studies on the Northeastern campus again for the Fall 2022 semester.