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Student Update: Jalaiya Cunningham

Recently we received an update from our Project Height Scholarship recipient Jalaiya Cunnigham, who is currently a sophomore studying sociology and communications at the University of Miami. We would like to share a peek at college life through her eyes. As we all know, attending a university isn’t just about academics and serving your community. While these are very important and play a roll in how we select our scholarship recipients, Jalaiya reminds us that along with working hard, college life brings with it personal growth and new experiences that are fun and exciting. Here’s what she had to say:

“Lately, I have been working on more writing based classes. Essays on analysis, summary’s, breakdowns and scenario based essays. Which have been slightly fun. The weather is perfect right now in Miami which allows for some of that study and down time to be outside around campus. I have a new found favorite food spot on campus this year, it’s called the Rath. Chicken tenders, burgers, salads, sandwiches. Just about anything you can think of and I typically go here every other day for a meal. Another part of this year has been navigating the end of Undergraduate studies. I have been gaining experience in leadership, community service roles around Miami… I have actually been granted the opportunity to be an extra in a new film that is being filmed on my campus. So that is extremely exciting!! And that’s pretty much how my sophomore semester has been going 😊

I am so excited!”